Stage 1 Chemical Peels & Facial Treatments

Oxygen Facial-  Relaxing and hydrating facial that ends with an infusion of oxygen into your skin. - $50

Original “Power Peel” – Great for monthly maintenance & beginners. Includes medical microdermabrasion & deep cleansing of the skin followed by a light chemical peel to target imperfections.  $70


Our dermaplaning treatment includes a mechanical exfoliation of the face while removing any facial hair by using a dermaplaning scalpel. The treatment also includes a facial + mask to rejuvenate your skin - $100


Our Hydrafracial includes extractions, LED light therapy, and a deep cleaning of the skin with our hydrafacial serums. - $175

Stage 2 Chemical Peels

VI Peel Purify – to target acne & acne scarring. Mid-depth chemical peel. - $275

VI Peel Precision Plus – To target fine lines & wrinkles, and to reverse the signs of aging - $275

Series of 3 - $750

Stage 3 Chemical Peels

VI Peel Purify with Precision Plus- to target severe acne & severe acne scarring. Includes HQ Plus a 2% in home hydroquinone product.  - $350